bushfire roller shutters

Roller Shutters and Bushfires

Apart from unsealed eaves, the most common way that a house is lost to bushfire is that heat causes the windows to explode or that enough heat is radiated and magnified through the glass to cause curtains to burst into flames.
90% reduction in Radiant Heat can be achieved by fitting Rollashield Forceshield Shutters helping to ensure that windows and other glass areas do not shatter thereby preventing flames from entering the building. Also by reducing the heat gain through the glass, curtains and other flammable internal fittings are protected against ignition from the external heat and flames.
Wind turbulence will often carry debris that will shatter windows long before a fire arrives. Rollashield’s Forceshield Roller Shutters prevent the debris from damaging the glass and thereby allowing the flames to enter the building.
Rollashield Shutters provide increased fire protection in the following ways:

  • FIRE INSIDE the building
    - Rollashield Forceshield Shutters will help contain the fire by minimising the oxygen supply.
    - Rollashield Forceshield Shutters will also help contain dangerous fumes.
    - By containing the fire and fumes, damage to surrounding property is minimised and valuable time is gained for firefighters to control the fire.
  • FIRE OUTSIDE the building such as BUSHFIRE
    - Rollashield Forceshield Shutters are very effective in preventing combustion of internal fittings such as curtains, drapes and furniture because they protect the glass from exploding and stop the heat being radiated and magnified through the glass.
    - Rollashield Forceshield Shutters stop sparks and embers from entering the building through broken windows

Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009), The Rural Fire Services and local Fire Authorities have identified six (6) Bushfire Attack Levels - BAL-LOW, BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40 & BAL-FZ

Recommendations for Bushfire Roller Shutters
Rollashield recommends using Forceshield Roller Shutters for protection up to BAL40.

In 2010 the CSIRO successfully tested Double-Wall Extruded Aluminium Roller Shutters to BAL40.

The Rural Fire Services and councils such as The Blue Mountains City Council recommend Window Roller Shutters as additional protection for buildings in high-risk bush fire prone areas.

NOTE: Some certifiers may accept that Rollashield’s Bush Fire Shutters with the BAL40 rating when used in conjunction with other devices and strategies may be acceptable in FZ situations.